Top 5 Sales Tips For The Beginner Entrepreneur

Getting into sales but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are already in sales but need a refresh on your strategy so you can hit your goals for the month?

Here are my top 5 Sales tips for the avid entrepreneur.

#1 Be Confident: 

     Remember, the worst anybody can say is no. I know when I first started out in sales, I would get into my own head and freak myself out over what my prospect was thinking about the product, or even worse, ME! Keep your chin up, and speak with clear and concise speech. If your prospect decides that what you are selling is not for them, thats fine! Move on to the next one! As long as you are passionate and firmly believe in your product, one “No” should not hinder your confidence and sales abilities.

#2 Listen:

     Always listen to what your prospect is saying. Listen to not just what they are talking about, but how they are talking. Gage what their personality type is and adjust your sales pitch as needed so that you can make that sale!

#3 Ask The Right Questions: 

       When it comes to making your sales pitch, make sure you keep things positive. Always have your prospect saying “Yes”. As mentioned in sales tip #2, when you listen to your prospect, you may just learn something about them that may help you gain that sale! Adjust your pitch accordingly! Ask questions about their lives that will get them to understand that you are not just trying to sell a product, you are trying to fill a need in their lives. 

#4 Have a Plan:

      If circumstances allow, do some research on your prospect before you speak with them. Put together a plan with several different options in case they decide not to follow through with your initial offer, you are able to throw in incentives that were personally tailored for them so that you may still walk away with a sale. 

#5 Always Ask For The Business:

       Now that you have confidently made your sales pitch and adjusted your sales pitch because you listened to your prospect, ask your prospect what their next step is going to be! Never assume that once you finish your pitch, your prospect is going to clap his hands and say “Okay great! Where do we start?” that is simply not the case. It is up to you to guide your prospect to let you know whether or not they are ready to move on to the next step!

All in all, those are my top 5 tips for the beginner entrepreneur! At the end of the day, your chances of making that sale all begins with taking you every first step and being consistent! Remember, YOU GO THIS! 

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