The Traits of a Leader

In our last article, we discussed the difference between a manager and a leader. In this article, lets dive deep into what It means to be a leader. Here are the top 5 traits on being the inspirational leader that everyone loves and aspires to be!

  1. Knows Their Style of Leadership

Ever taken a Myers Briggs test? Or looked at the four temperaments chart? A Good leader will know what personality type they fall under, enabling a better reach to his/her team. Not only are they finding out what leadership strengths they have based on their personality, but they learn about the other personality types that are out there. This is so that they may adjust their approach when delegating tasks amongst their team based on the team’s melting pot of personality types, thus maintaining a happy and balanced work environment.

2. Respects His/Her Team

This is a given, but not always practiced in the work place. This trait is what truly separates a leader from your basic manager. Showing respect to your teammates is important. Saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ when asking your teammates to complete a certain task. Giving positive and constructive feedback to your team is important also while in return receiving positive and constructive feedback from your teammates. A true leader knows that it goes both ways and that there is always room for improvement be you an teammate or the leader.

3. Promotes Team Building and Wellness

This cannot be stressed enough, but GET TO KNOW YOUR TEAMMATES on a personal level. Of course you don’t have to know every little thing about their lives, but get to know what hobbies they enjoy. Do they have a significant other? Do they have kids? Figure out when their birthdays are so you can send them a card! Show your team that you genuinely care about them and their well-being. Go out as a team for lunch and ban talking about work for that hour and a half. Go see a movie together. Go bowling! It has been proven that employees perform better when they are given the option to join wellness and team building events 

4.  Is Accountable 

We have all been there. Wether you are a manager or a team member, we have all been working on a project when suddenly things do not go as expected and take a turn for the worst. A job isn’t completed by the deadline, or perhaps the job is complete but it isn’t correct or meat company standards. However, it is important for a leader to take responsibility for the team’s mistakes. After all, its a leader’s duty to be keeping an eye on the work that is being done. Pointing fingers at team members will bring you down to a managerial level. 

5. Always Learning

Leaders are always trying to better their craft and themselves. Self help books and podcasts are always a good way to go when staying up to date on current business/sales trends. Taking accredited online courses is another fun way to learn, especially when you can put it on your resume. Leaders also encourage their team mates to learn and better themselves as well in the same way he/she would.

In conclusion, a leader is simply an ambassador of their team. Following these 5 tips is surely to not only promote a happy and healthier work environment, but will also help one become a true leader!

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