The Salesman’s Motivation

Everything is Sales

This is for the salesperson who walks the walk & talks the talk

The sales professional who spends the windshield time listening to rants from Grant or gigs from Zig.

The salespeople who wear headsets in cubes or walk door to door selling cleaning products in tubes.

We know you hear the doubt & gloom that this market is either bust or boom.

Is your timing right or is your rent payment doomed?

The day to day drudge & your managers all judge

Your effort on results & your sales companies are all cults.

You drink the kool-aid because you want to fit in

& they promise fat paychecks but nothing to begin

& you go through this cycle again & again.

You strive for excellence & you keep your head up

But the goals, quotas & targets have you simply fed up.

But not your family who needs real food.

You need to support & provide or else, Dude.

It’s the economy stupid & other tall tails

Begin to drift in about why we have failed.

“Buyers are liars” & “can’t make a horse”

Becomes part of your vocabulary, making things worse.

Decide that what’s hard to do now is easy to live with later.

Just silence the critics & your inner would be hater.

There is no business like new business so move on with the quickness.

Be agreeable as hell or there won’t be a Christmas.

Study your craft so you can’t be outshined

Statistically speaking half of us are behind.

Knowledge is power & the power is growing

& learning & earning & manifest knowing.

We need 3 things in sales & then to multiply by 10.

We need people to sell to, prospect & tend.

We need a product we trust, that we don’t need to mend.

& we need Sweat effort & Ability to tell people to spend.

Don’t fight it, Write it.

Smile & Dial.

Motion creates emotion.

& focus on the front end files.

These phrases have homes in hearts & are cool.

The glass is half full because, you sold the other half, fool.

You’re a salesman & salesman make the world go around.

Be proud of your work & the stress levels go down.

Get a mentor, a coach or read a good book.

The kangaroos are all knocking & just want to look

But it doesn’t matter when you know that your SweatAbility is the hook

That makes your buyers say Yes and your rivals overlooked.

So stay the course & study your craft.

Stay in on Friday night & have the last laugh.

As you listen to calls & practice your pitch,

Call me if you want, I’ll be here in a pinch.

I’m a Sales Nerd & I’m proud to say

That selling is my profession & it’s a great day

To ask for the business…

they are going to buy anyway.

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