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Motivation to Perfection 


mitchOver the years, I have met many bankers. Some killers and some wimps. The killers or the closers, to be more accurate have worked on perfecting their craft not only on the phone but in any opportunity presented. They usually are the ones at the top of the production reports and usually the ones you compare your paychecks too. Those closers that are bringing in serious money did not get to that point in life just by mere luck. They worked for that money and on the daily, continuously work for it. These bankers, some with years of experience and others not as much, have the loan origination process down and can do it in their sleep. I am not just talking about a 1003 application here folks. I am talking about a banker taking a clean 1003, presenting terms to a borrower, handling objections before they even appear, asking for the business multiple times, and closing the deal.


These closers have put in the time on the phone, in front of a mirror, on the drive in and from work, in front of their spouse and kids. Constantly practicing to perfect their craft. I encourage each one of you reading this to take 15-20 mins each day and practice away from the job. Practice presenting terms to a borrower with mass benefits. Practice presenting an option to increase a monthly payment by $300 and save over 250k over the life of the loan. Practice presenting an option to pull equity out of a home to consolidate debt. And after you practice pitches, ask yourself this… “Would I buy what I just presented?” The people in this role who do not want to practice or stay coachable are the ones who wash out very quickly and don’t last.


Me personally, it took me awhile to believe in practicing outside of the office. I always would tell myself in the beginning of my career, “I just spent 9 hours on the phone talking to people. Don’t need no practice.” “I mean we’re talking about practice. (A.I)”


Sundance showed me a Grant Cardone video the first week of our time together at a prior employer and I kid you not, I think I fell asleep during this video. It was dark after lunch and I was 5 mins into my mortgage career when Sundance showed our team this video. If I had seriously listened and was more open to other sales guys in the industry I would have grown and progressed 10x faster than where I currently am in my career. Do not make that same mistake. Listen to the greats any chance you can to improve on our craft.


There is not a cap in our industry on income people. I thought maybe listening to others that have accumulated serious wealth would not be such a bad idea seeing how all of them were balling and not on a budget.  I suggest you all download the app Audible through amazon, download a book by one of these guys here and listen on your way to and from work. I have done this for some time now and I have realized that there is not a perfect sales process but by listening to each one of these guys I have taken a tool or verbiage from each of them and used it to try and perfect my skill here doing what I do each day.


-Sundance Brennan

-Grant Cardone

-Jeb Blount

-Zig Zigler


Let’s not forget something here people. WE ARE SALES! This is a “What have you done for me lately or this month?” type of job. It is what it is. Accept that fact and begin to harness your inner banker to strive to be better than the person next to you. When you left that person in the dust, set your eyes to become the number 1 banker on your team. From there how about the entire office? Then maybe the entire company. Stay hungry and I promise the money piece will come as you grow and get better each day.

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