GRIT – What is it exactly? By: Guest Blogger and Mortgage Extraordinaire, Shawn Devlin

GRIT;  What is it exactly?

How do you measure it, and what you should look for?  A prelude to the GRIT list that I put together on my blog is an devlinunderstanding of what drives GRIT.  That inner drive to not give up and persistent want to do better yourself.  Most those that have a lot of GRIT, are coachable, are perfect team players, the problem is most don’t know what to look for.  They just hire a sales person and hope they have what it takes.  What I featured was an article recently on GRIT, and the 50 best questions to ask yourself or an interview candidate, in finding out if they have GRIT.  Grit is developed over time however, there are some commonalities in their behaviors, personality traits, and general habits.

I am going to detail two separate lists that can help you better spot GRIT, and develop it yourself.  The more successful people in any “work” definitely all share some things in common.  One of them being the personality traits they exemplify.  Not so much true to say if you don’t have these you won’t be successful, but at some point or another there is an adaption to each of these in your growth of being successful.  Here are the four most common factors of someone with GRIT.  (and probably successful too)

  1. Openness – Are you open to learning, to grow your knowledge to flex your muscles in regards to whatever “craft” or industry you partake in? The bottom line is investing in yourself.  Be open-minded to learn new things and how you can apply them to your business.  Find a mentor and ask for help.  Seriously ask someone about learning something new.  If you do this your GRIT level will increase.
  2. Conscientiousness – By definition, conscientiousness is the personality trait of being thorough, careful, or vigilant. Conscientiousness implies a desire to do a task well. Conscientious people are efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly. Ask yourself, are you as organized as you want to be?  Is there more you can write down as a to-do list to make yourself organized?  Funny but those the most successful with GRIT have a daily planner, and work a daily plan.  How about you?
  3. Extraversion – Meaning how much of an outgoing person are you? I don’t want to change you, but I do want to inspire, and to be inspired is to take action on whatever it is your heart desires.  It’s the actions that make a difference.  Which is why I encourage you to embrace a plan and take action.
  4. Agreeableness – Do you exemplify this? Really, are you stubborn and think you know it all or are you in agreement with others opinions sometimes at least?  Do you always have to get your way or do you try to accommodate others requests as well?  In business, I can say this is the number one thing that has helped saved relationships for me.  And by that I mean, if you or your company makes mistakes you have to own them.  You have to have a level of agreeableness in every aspect from likes, to the setting of expectations so you can make them.

Developing these personality traits can lead to having more GRIT, or at least easier to exemplify GRIT in my opinion.  When it comes to seeing success and really excelling at sales and selling, in general, these traits are the best to have.  The next three are the things these “personality traits” will not have a problem showing you or bring to the table.  There are foundations to having GRIT and these three things are the keys.  Ask yourself, do I have these?  They seem to go hand in hand with those that have “GRIT” and display it, as well as those very successful.

  1. The need for achievement – Do you feel this way too? Do you find it hard to sit still in life so to speak?  Do you have goals and dreams and the need to achieve?  I believe it’s all inside all of us, you have to pull that want out.  For some this is easy, for others, it’s a process and something you have to strive for.  School, college, and continued education is great.  Especially when you invest your time to learn something new.  I suggest you do this yourself.  And bring out that need for achievement in you.  Weather for continued education, skill, knowledge or just to complete some project you want to do.
  2. Competitiveness – Fun word, and is something all those great have. They are loyal to themselves, do not typically talk bad about others, but inside your head make notes on what you’re going to do to improve.  Do You do that?  You have a competitive spirit and want to see success when you see others seeing it as well?  This is that trait and is the trait that will help you make decisions to invest in yourself.  Do this as often as possible.  The great thing about those that have GRIT, they are typically not the jealous type, they love seeing others succeed.  And inside they want to beat that person “next month”.  😊  I know I did this all the time.  Nothing wrong with a little inside the workforce competitiveness.
  3. Optimism – Do you see yourself successful? It all starts in your head, and this optimistic mindset that says don’t give up, you’re almost there, and you can do it.  Listen to that voice, amplify that voice, and give it out to others.  One sure fire way to increase your own optimism is by giving compliments to others.  Do this daily, and you will find your self-conscious working it’s wheels into believing your thoughts.  This helps you see the more positive side of things, the natural progression of success.  You see the positive end results from your actions and believe you will see this.  It’s funny but this is truly the secret to manifesting your own destiny.  It’s thinking positive and picturing those results and then making them happen through intentional actions.  How many times recently did you envision the YES before you made the call, and then it happened?  Give it a try today.

GRIT, in my opinion, is one thing that is learned through hard work, perseverance and the internal want to succeed. 

There is a quote out there maybe you’ve seen it… “Once you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that is when you will be successful.”  Try adapting some of these habits and personality traits and in the process, you will increase your GRIT level.  As any sales professional will tell you, it’s important to keep building daily.  It starts with investing in yourself and thriving to work these traits I mentioned.  Hope your GRIT shines to help you achieve what you want.  – SellWell – JUICEMAN (Video Link)




ABOUT – Shawn Doerr Devlin is my real Irish & German name.  I have a passion for helping other people and have driven a large amount of my success to date from doing just that in the mortgage industry.  I help Broker owners of small town mortgage shops all across the Nation.  I help partner with them to grow a sales team, develop marketing campaigns and close loans with my wholesale team.

My legacy is that I am the possibility of people living the life they desire, through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.



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