Find Your Wellness Rhythm

No matter what position you are in on the corporate ladder, I think we can all recognize that there is really only 1 true way to success. Keeping your health and wellness in check! It’s always hard to do at first, but once we find that routine that works for us, there is no telling what we can accomplish. Here are some of my top tips for keeping that pep to your step in the workplace!

#1 Wake up early! : Did you know almost all of your most successful people in the world wake up between 5 and 7am? Some even earlier! Having woken up at 4:30am daily myself, I can easily vouch for that statement that waking up early truly days help one feel more energized and productive!

#2 Go to bed at the same time each night! : If you want to be an early riser then you are going to have to set yourself a bedtime. Get yourself into that ritual of going to bed at the same time every night. You just might notice that you will not only get better quality of sleep, but your mood will improve as well.

#3 Work Out! : I don’t think I need to go into detail with this one. This has been something taught to us since we were in kindergarten. Keep your body moving for at least 30 min to an hour a day! Even if it’s just a for a morning sunrise walk! Just get moving!

#4 Incorporate daily plant based meals into your diet! : Studies show that having a plant based diet is actually super beneficial for one’s health. I’m not going to sit here and preach that everyone should be plant based, however I will say that you should try your best to incorporate at least 1 plant based meal into your daily menu. You will notice an uplift in mood as well as an increase in energy. 

#5 Have Fun! : Take some time to do what YOU love. At least 30 minutes a day have some “Me Time.” Go to the spa and get a message, or go see a movie with some friends. Turn off your phone and just show yourself a little TLC.

Remember, If you are not taking care of yourself and staying healthy, your work will suffer. When your work suffers, there could be chaos for your team members! So don’t be the one to drag down your team because you are not getting enough rest, okay?

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