Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – by guest Blogger and Mortgage Professional, Mitch Lobban

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Human nature is odd sometimes. People will do almost anything they can to avoid an uncomfortable situation with other people. When people havesigns-1172208_1920 disagreements or clashes in certain situations in life in general, things can spiral out of control very quickly. In sales, being agreeable to avoid an uncomfortable situation is the number one reaction for most sales guys or gals. Always be agreeable, but in our line of work, sometimes pressing a bruise with a borrower can lead to an uncomfortable situation or conversation. “Well, all I am trying to do is lower my rate down and save money”. We have all heard that from 99% of the people we talk to on a daily basis. Asking the “Why do you want or need to save money”? is a question I do not hear asked often enough, yet the why question should be asked every time. Asking this why question in most cases when we are talking with borrowers does not typically reside on the tip of the tongue like a 1003 (application) question such as – “How much do you have left to pay on the principal balance of your mortgage”. Get that why question on automatic in your mind because asking why in the beginning of your conversation or maybe a little further in, creates the possibility of you having to handle an uncomfortable situation that borrower might be in, which is ALWAYS a good thing.


PROBLEMS are a great thing in our line of work. “My wife and I are getting a divorce”. “I have a teenager that has wrecked my car and acting a fool”. mitchThese are just 2 examples of thousands of problems most common people have in their lives. Getting comfortable pressing whatever bruise they might have, will equal bigger paychecks for each one of you. Finding out the true reason behind their financial situation on the “WHY” behind refinancing will position YOU not only as the expert who can refinance their home but, as a human who genuinely wants to help. Trigger that human element. Personality types do come into play here as well and some people will not tell you their life problems as they do not want to tie in any emotion when it comes to their home. Nevertheless, always ask the why. “Has anything happened recently that has caused a financial burden in the household?” Do this and I promise the uncomfortable 5 minutes of listening to whatever the situation is, will lead to a borrower that will stop what they are doing whatever it is, answer you when you call, and then go to war WITH you to get this done because both of y’all know the truth behind whatever the situation is.






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