Authenticity with Social Media

Lets face it, there are a ton of businesses out there. How will you be able to make yours stand out from the crowd? The answer is trust. When you have not only marketed your business as trustworthy, but have also proven that trust, there is no doubt people will flock to your storefront or website. You might think gaining a reputable business is something that is crafted throughout years and years of being in business, but that is simply not true.

A business that not only sells a product but shares their story will see success for years to come. With social media continuing to boom, people are becoming more and more desensitized to ads as well as staged product content. What is trending now is a sense of rawness and vulnerability. Being relatable. Imperfection. People want someone/something to route for, and to show their support to.

For example, businesses that show what goes on behind the scenes such as Kylie Jenner cosmetics really allows their audience to see whats going on behind the picture perfect products. On instagram stories, Kylie shows her new collections in production in the lab, her lipsticks being poured into the packaging, the shipping process, etc. She is open about the ingredients she uses in her products and swatches them on her arms for all the world to see how the formula and color look on a person once applied. She is open and confident about what goes on in the labs which establishes trust in her fan base that her products are indeed as good as she says they are. 

It just goes to show, when you Invite your audience to come take a closer look behind the scenes, your company becomes relatable; thus drawing people to your business!

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