Are you getting the right sales training?

Businesses that rely on sales for success have a vested interest in finding the right Sales Training for the team. Selecting a program or classwhite-male-2064873_1920 that is effective will provide a better return on the training investment. There are countless approaches, methods of delivery, lengths of training, and companies that promise to empower employees and increase sales.

A Seven Step Approach

One Sales Training company, Encore Consulting Group, offers customized workshops called “Systematic Selling.” Developing hands-on skills and providing strategies are completed in an eight-hour training session. Some of the steps learned include developing a game plan, presenting client-focused solutions that relate to the product or service being sold and problem-solving to overcome objections.

Training for Specific Industries

Many industries, such as manufacturing, insurance, technology, health care, and banking, among others, need to make large sales to move forward and compete in a global market. Convincing a buyer for a national retail chain that the products the company manufacturers are a “must-have” for the shelves is not the same as selling a magazine subscription. Selling expensive medical diagnostic equipment, as an example, takes enhanced skills.

The Janek Performance Group offers Sales Training in New York City. An independent Salesman, a start-up technology company, or an established corporation, can experience training that combines psychology, best practices, proved strategies, and teachable skills. Travel expenses may be a limiting factor in how many employees can attend.

Ongoing and Affordable Training

Another option is Sales Training that does not end after a day or two. Excellent training is only as good as the ability of participants to absorb the material and put it into practice. That can be difficult when all the information is crammed into a short time period.

Classes, videos, coaching, and access to books and new content each month may just be the best answer for business owners who wish to improve sales revenues. One of the books available is SalesFu by Sundance Brennan, who is also the founder of and The website is available for a low monthly rate and provides continuing education for subscribers.

Individuals can invest in their sales careers and business owners can cover the cost for employees. There are no travel costs and no expensive fees for trainers. Compare the cost of the last training session for the sales team to the cost of subscriptions to determine which option is right for the business.

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