A Story about Nerds. (That Sell!)

Once upon a time, there were three kids in school who regularly were dumped in the trash cans, made to copy homework for the bigger kids and weren’t allowed to drive until the age of 18. These three kids spent all their time pretending to be someone else in role playing games and the occasional Oregon Trail. In other words, there were three Nerds.whitebackground

It’s easy to confuse the Nerds from the Geeks these days, but in those days there was a pretty big divide. We are talking epic battles of Magic (the card game). The main difference between a Nerd and a Geek is that a Geek is just a fan. The Geek loves sci-fi or wine or goofy card games, but the Nerd is a fan who studies. Nerds, by the way, are the goofy looking kids who still get dates to the prom. It’s because the Nerd did the math and realized that the law of probability states the total probability of an outcome which can be realized via several distinct events. In other words, it’s just a numbers game. We can change the distinct events and change the probability of getting a girl to say yes, and we can just relentlessly ask every girl in the yearbook. Statistically speaking, Nerds get results. Also, half the people reading this are below average… just saying.

Anyway, the Nerds got to be pretty good at role playing, overcoming objections, mastering the fear of rejection and running really fast. One day, one of these Three Nerds woefully looked at the Jock who had just thrown his best pair of Chuck Taylors on top of the gym roof and said “Someday I’m going to beat you at your own game with a powerful sales script and objection busting dialogue! You’ll see!” Well, okay. It didn’t happen exactly like that but, it should have.

As time passed the Jocks graduated from high school and a few parlayed their leadership lessons from a team sport into a successful career. Some went on to play professional sports. Some of these Jocks were dashing, daring and charismatic. I think some went on to have careers in marketing like Mad Men. The Nerds stuck to computers, read their books and went to college where a modicum of social normalizing took place. The Nerds had heroes like Bill Gates, Sam Walton and Steve Jobs, all of whom have been known to be a little socially awkward. The Nerds assumed correctly that this was because these Heroes hadn’t placed a priority on social interaction. The Nerds were going to change this! So they studied people, studied communication, studied sociology and persuasion. Then The Nerds realized that nerds controlled 98% of the money in the world. Harrison Ford has done very well for himself, but he’s a Jock. George Lucas, on the other hand is a straight up Nerd. In this world there is Jock money for those that play the game and there is Nerd money for those that own the game. Nerds want to change the game until they own it. The Three Nerds found that Bill Gates, Sam Walton, George Lucas and Steve Jobs all made their living by essentially Selling something better than anyone else. Ever.

We are The Sales Nerds. We set about to study the art of selling and now we’ve done it all, simply so you don’t have to. From door to door cleaning supplies, retail, hospitality, landscaping/roofing, investment properties, home mortgage and real estate, the list goes on and on. Our knowledge is sales, but our passion is training, we want to make you more money, plain and simple. We can accomplish this by any platform you choose, sales seminars, online video training, e-books, you name it, we sell it. Let us teach you how to sell this way too. It’s easier than failing and, more fun too.

www.thesalesnerds.com or info@thesalesnerds.com

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